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ThermaXX provides mechanical pipe insulation surveys for NYC properties. We are manufactures of insulation jackets for Steam systems.

ThermaXX LLC provides mechanical pipe insulation surveys for commercial and industrial properties. We are manufactures of removable, reusable insulation jackets for Steam, Condensate and Chilled Water systems.
Most steam systems components (Steam Traps, Gate Valves, etc…) are Uninsulated due to maintenance and inspection. These components are losing thousands of dollars in wasted energy.
The Thermaxx Smart Jacket is a removable insulation jacket that has a remote-wireless sensor embedded to capture the true savings by calculating the ambient temperature within the insulation jacket and the ambient room temperature.
This information is wirelessly transmitted to the cloud, for easy access and allows the end users the ability to monitor, analyze, report or archive these documented savings.  Some clients are even using the data to manage their steam system (Steam Trap Monitoring) more efficiently.  Please take a moment to look at our website so you can see the Wireless Monitoring System in action.  http://www.thermaxxjackets.com/products/smart-insulation-jackets/
Insulating a single high-pressure steam station can reduce Carbon footprint and save more dollars per year than purchasing a Hybrid Car!
 There are many reasons Building Owners, Manufacturers, Hospitals and Universities purchase our jackets:
·      Typical Payback < 18 months
·      Removable Jackets prevent energy loss
·      Removable Jackets may qualify for a ConEd gas incentives
·      Create financial gain for the customer because of smaller energy bills
·      Creates a safer and more comfortable working environment by protecting employees from burn hazards and high temperatures.
·      The jackets can be removed for periodic maintenance and repairs.  After the work is done, the jacket can be put back on easily

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