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Unifi.id delivers a system that removes barriers to inclusion and engagement, providing complete transparency on an individual's movement.

At unifi.id we deliver seamless, technically simple to integrate, detection platform with automated communication alerts for Smart Buildings. In the high-rise building sector, there are inherent critical risks and multiple inefficiencies. We deliver a system that gives security and facilities managers the tools to report the location of every occupant, individually, automatically, and at scale. Our systems monitor the movement of every individual in a building in real-time, zone by zone, automating actions and reactive alerts to users and systems within the building, allowing managers to draw insight, make better business decisions, save time, find efficiencies, automate processes and communications, enhance user experiences, predict future usage and, most importantly, take security and emergency safety to a whole new level. The digital evacuation solution that unifi.id have developed will save lives of both the fire services and occupants in emergency situations.
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  • https://www.unifi.id/en/home/

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