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Utilis Corp

Utilis analyzes satellite imagery to locate drinking water leaks underground, saving utilities money, energy, and reducing NRW.

Using technology originally designed to look for water on other planets, Utilis analyzes satellite imagery to locate drinking water leaks underground. Previous customers have found that using the Utilis product and methods increased their efficiency finding leaks by four times! With no CAPEX investment, utilities can start finding leaks without delay.
Utilis works with each utility to craft a service plan that matches their budget and desired frequency of coverage. Utilis can normally cover an entire service area in one satellite overpass, and in a matter of days provide a set of locations for the utility (or a field crew subcontractor) to investigate using traditional acoustic methods of verification to exactly pinpoint the leak and follow-up with a repair. The points of interest are displayed in user-friendly GIS maps, with the ability to sync with the in-house GIS system, or to be used independently.
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    16885 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 305 San Diego, California 92127

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  • https://utiliscorp.com

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