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Workstorm LLC

Workstorm is the collaboration platform for organizations who want to enhance productivity without sacrificing control over data.

Due to COVID-19, Workstorm has extended its free trial to 2 months for any organization and 4 months for not-for-profit organizations.

We believes technology should empower brilliant minds to do incredible things and connect us in ways that are seamless. It should bring people together to level the playing field and enliven teamwork. Technology that achieves this helps us all reach our greatest potential.
Based in Chicago and developed by experts in enterprise software and data security, Workstorm is the platform that gives teams the efficiency they need to do more work in less time. The company's fully integrated, configurable platform combines workflow efficiency with data security. Workstorm unites messaging, videoconferencing, screen sharing and file sharing, and integrates with email systems, as well as document repositories and other software solutions.
Workstorm is SOC2 certified and is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
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