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Population: 2,716,450 / Mayor Lori Lightfoot

This city has a smart cities award.

The City of Chicago is committed to enabling its communities with cutting-edge technology that engages, informs, and empowers its citizens. Our mission is to enhance delivery of City services through easy, reliable, cost-effective and secure access to information and to promote Chicago's advancement through technology.

Featured Programs

  • The Array of Things (AoT) is an urban sensing network of interactive, modular sensor boxes installed around Chicago to collect real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use. AoT will serve as a “fitness tracker” for the city, measuring factors that impact livability in Chicago such as climate, air quality and noise.

  • The City of Chicago's open data portal lets you find city data, facts about your neighborhood, create maps and graphs about the city, and lets you freely download the data for your own analysis. The open data portal is a mandate from the Mayor's Office and places great importance on building transparency with privacy and security in mind. Apps include Open Grid, 311 Service Tracker and Digital Connections.

  • Connect Chicago is a donor advised fund managed by the City Tech Collaborative that seeks to make Chicago the most digitally skilled, connected, and dynamic city in America.

  • The City of Chicago has installed better quality, more reliable LED light fixtures on streets, alleys and viaducts to increase safety, reduce energy costs and improve the environment. Additionally, the project anticipates improving the City's responsiveness to outages with a lighting control network capable of real time updating.

  • City Tech Collaborative will reimagine cities as places where technology fuels opportunity, inclusion, engagement and innovation by working with the City of Chicago to pilot and deploy technology. Current products include game alerts for Cubs games, the Smart Green Infrastructure Monitoring program, Chicago Health Atlas and Foodborne Chicago.