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COVID-19 Readiness Kit

Marketplace.city is helping governments respond to COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic by:

Aggregating solutions for cities to use during this time to engagement residents, maintain operations, and project communities. See the list below or our Summary Report. Contact hello@marketplace.city if you need help connecting to the right solution

Helping governments connect with Validated Personal Protective Equipment Supply. Fill out the PPE Demand Form to get connected.

Featured Programs

  • MET (Mobile Evaluation & Triage) automatically measures temperatures of large numbers of people passing through a doorway to instantly know when someone with an elevated temperature enters the building.The Scientel MET system is a sophisticated thermal camera system on a rolling cart that will scan large numbers of people passing through a doorway and instantly send an alarm if someone registers with an elevated temperature (you set the threshold). The system will scan up to 60 people per minute with a temperature accuracy of 1/2 of one degree F.

    The complete system includes a dual-lens thermal camera, monitor, mini-PC, software and peripherals, all integrated in a mobile rolling cart. Alarms can be sent over the network for remote viewing and notification.

  • InnovaPrep offers The Bobcat is a light-weight, portable, dry filter air sampler for monitoring airborne bacteria, and viruses, including coronavirus to be deployed in public spaces to track and receive early warning of an outbreak.

  • Near Space Labs offers high resolution, high frequency, low cost imagery of urban and non-urban areas in the United States. Their stratospheric vehicles scan very large areas on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual frequency with a 30 cm resolution. Near Space Labs can also do custom passes over post-disaster areas, construction sites, real estate projects and more.

    Due to COVID19, recent imagery of Madrid, Spain is free of charge to state, local and county officials.

    There are also data samples of Austin, Texas available.

  • Easily track how COVID-19 is changing consumer spending across all consumer segments; at a city, county, district, state and national level. Understand the spend and target your economic response.

  • Share your data about the epidemic with a free COVID-19 Dashboard. Opendatasoft has launched a Pro-Bono initiative targeting all local governments that need to engage and communicate with their residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Local governments will have free access to a dashboard to display Covid-19 data for 6 months, and Opendatasoft will provide a few hours of customer service to onboard each government.

    Learn more to launch your free Covid-19 dashboard

  • CityGrows is helping governments transition to digital services in real time during the pandemic. CityGrows is a low-cost workflow automation platform for local governments, helping any size government bring permitting and licensing workflows, as well as internal (HR) processes online in days or weeks, not months. Governments can also stand up new relief- and re-opening based permits quickly - all for a lower cost than you ever thought possible.

  • To help keep citizens informed and maintain critical daily operations, CivicPlus is offering 90-day, no-obligation access to three crisis communications and engagement solutions:

    CivicClerk®: virtual board and council meetings with remote participants and attendees

    CivicReady®: emergency mass notification solution - set-up in three business days!

    Civil Space: Generate a COVID-19 dedicated webpage in less than an hour to keep open channels of dialogue with citizens

  • Bespoke is used by the Japanese government, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), transport authorities and airports to effectively communicate with residents and travelers during this COVID-19 crisis. The chatbot which does not require an app download allows travel companies, cities and governments to communicate bi-directionally and provides an effective and inclusive information channel in multiple languages. Residents and travelers can pass data back to the bot which can help in the early detection of hot-spots and containment of the pandemic and speed-up the recovery process. See an Overview!

  • With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, meeting and agenda management, records management, and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and residents. Discover how governments are communicating, running digital meetings, and updating residents through the COVID-19 crisis. Check out the tools and best practices here.

  • Workstorm is a digital collaboration hub that brings all your people, tools and information into one secure space. Workstorm is extending its free trial to 60 days to keep your business running remotely.

  • CloudInsyte has worked with vendors in their marketplace to bring you the best of breed solutions, offered for free or for a discounted price in light of the COVID-19 restrictions. Areas of focus include remote access, virtual conferencing, team communication & mobility, security & incident response, capacity management, and remote call center. View the list of services for municipalities to continue their operations with remote team members.

  • Innovaccer’s Free COVID-19 Triage & Telehealth Management system supports early community-based triage through automated assessments, remote patient monitoring, education, treatment, and most importantly providing a safer environment for healthcare workers with telemedicine and dedicated customer support - all with a quick deployment turnaround!

  • Zencity’s platform monitors and aggregates online discourse in real-time from a range of social and local media channels. Our ability to rapidly track multiple online channels at once enables you to respond to residents’ concerns around COVID-19 without delay. You can also utilize our live alerts by email or push notification to increase visibility and never miss an update. In addition, our geolocation data can help you pinpoint discourse according to specific neighborhoods and efficiently allocate localized resources and outreach. See an Overview!

  • For those dealing with public and stakeholder meeting cancellations and transitioning to remote engagement due to COVID-19, Konveio is here to help. We are offering free access to or expanded usage of our online stakeholder engagement tools through April 30th, 2020 to any organization that needs it.Build one-page digital workshops online to share meeting information, embed live-streamed presentations, and collect feedback directly on your poster boards or other materials. See an Overview!

  • Citibot decided to offer push SMS notifications (i.e. text messages) for FREE for 60 days in an effort to help keep your citizens informed and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Our goal is to provide you with a tool that will help you communicate the latest information to your citizens in the most effective and accessible way possible.

    Push SMS Notifications allow for two-way communication with your residents. Cities/counties can send out an update to citizens via text message and Citibot provides a direct channel for them to reply back. See an Overview!

  • Xaqt's Crisis Response team has developed a set of AI based tools and bots that can automate and scale communications across any digital touchpoint. Starting with the call center, Xaqt's Coronavirus IVR-as-a-Service automates the more common questions from callers, thus freeing-up your agents and team to handle more urgent needs. See an overview!

  • The Geospiza team has deep and robust experience assisting companies with preparedness, response, and recovery from hazards -- including pandemics. Our co-founder and CEO, Sarah Tuneberg, is an Emergency Manager and has a Master’s of Public Health. We are providing support to several of our customers on COVID-19 preparation and response, and are available to help you as well.

    Here are 3 ways we can help your organization:

    1. COVID-19 Quick Start: A one week engagement where Geospiza provides a pre-defined set of offerings and documentation to support your business and employees

    2. Geospiza SWIFT Technology: A population vulnerability management tool that identifies who within your community is the most vulnerable and where they are geographically located

    3. Ad-hoc SME Consulting: Provide on-call/as needed subject matter expertise to take time-sensitive COVID-19 response work off the plates of you and your employees. See an Overview!

  • To promote the wellbeing of America’s communities, CityBase will be offering our online forms and case management software to state and local government for free during the COVID-19 outbreak. See an Overview!

  • We are reaching out to local governments to offer our intuitive, self-learning electronic **sourcing and evaluation **module free of charge to all agencies who need it. If you are currently collecting paper bids or even just allowing submission through email, we want to give you a better way to ensure security, compliance, and efficiency. Evaluations can be difficult without paper so that’s why we are including automated evaluations. Our solution is “sealed bid” complaint. Storage will be unlimited. See an Overview!

  • Free modules available to local governments to deploy in the fight against COVID-19: Coronavirus related receipting & expense tracking for FEMA reimbursement Coronavirus Drive-Through Testing Resident Registration Volunteer Registration Module GIS Digital Map and more...

  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting the global economy at nearly every level and IT markets will not be spared. In the weeks and months ahead IDC will continuously update our market data and outlook to reflect our best understanding of what is happening in IT markets worldwide to ensure that our customers have the information they need to make critical business decisions.

  • Colu's platform is used to improve resident preparedness while supporting small businesses, enhancing crisis communication and reporting, encouraging volunteering efforts and much more. Examples include rewarding residents for purchasing food and supplies at local businesses during and after the crisis, completing surveys, and instant and effective communication from municipal leaders. Rewards can in turn be redeemed at select local merchants, furthering engagement and promoting the local economy. Colu is currently offering its response solution in Tel Aviv and is working with cities throughout the USA to help combat the virus. See an Overview!

  • Map-based survey tool that facilitates simple and effective public participation. The online questionnaire editor allows for the independent creation, customization, and publishing of survey projects. Maptionnaire enables planners and researchers to collect, analyze and visualize map-based data, as well as citizens to co-design project areas and express their preferences and opinions. See an Overview!

  • Use Citiesense to deploy smart signage with QR codes in neighborhoods to improve access to information about changes to the local businesses and and other conditions. This includes fluid information like new hours of operation, event cancellations, etc. as well as general information about access to government resources. The signs help because they don’t require anyone to download an app or look things up online. The signs take someone directly to the information wherever it is being served online, such as an interactive map showing you the business around the sign you scan.

  • Keeper Security is transforming the way businesses and individuals protect their passwords and sensitive digital assets to significantly reduce cyber theft. As the leading password manager and digital vault, Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses and institutions substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach. Keeper is SOC 2 and ISO27001 Certified and utilizes best-in-class encryption to safeguard its customers.

  • Cities are trying to quickly serve dynamic transportation needs that are coming up across diverse use cases: transporting at-risk populations to exclusive early shopping hours, healthcare personnel transportation, food and supply deliveries, etc. Autofleet provides the complete platform to launch optimized on-demand transportation and delivery services: booking app, control center, and driver app. The platform automatically assigns and dispatches vehicles and drivers to incoming orders to create pooled and optimized routes. See an Overview!

  • Camino is digital, online permiting and payment solution. Camino is offering our full suite of permit technology at no cost to all public agencies impacted by COVID-19 to keep you working remotely and with offices closed.

  • In the current COVID-19 "work-remotely" environment, delivering an IT workspace for municipal employees is a must have. Doing so quickly and economically is crucial. Deploy in a day and pay monthly, no year long lock-in.

  • Provides real-time trusted communications, live case cluster tracking, safety and dynamic digital response plans to front-line staff, responders and citizens. KUVRR mobile app and KUVRR Command & Control empowers city leaders, staff and all or designated citizens to send live streaming SOS, notifications, conduct polls, get safety check-ins, provide digital response plans, live crime tips and deliver full situational awareness to first responders, staff and citizens.

  • Polco and National Research Center are teaming with local governments to help get vital real-time information from residents through free use of Polco. Polco is offering developed free-to-deploy online surveys to help you collect quality community-level data in real time to better tailor your Coronavirus outreach and response.

  • Soofa is working with government partners to design specific COVID-19 PSA templates, which can be easily adapted to post critical news updates and guidelines. Subscriptions to Soofa’s Local Business plan have also been opened up for free to provide a platform for small business owners to advertise their takeout and delivery services.

  • NextRequest is a web application that allows governments to accept, manage, and respond to public records requests at any time. NextRequest is offering their Basic tier free of charge to public agencies who need a way to collaborate remotely to respond to public records requests or disseminate critical information during COVID-19.

  • UrbanFootprint is deploying the full power of its team and software platform to help public agencies and front‑line organizations save lives and prepare for second-order economic and social impacts. The platform helps support support state and local agencies access and map critical data to aid in emergency response, tracking, and planning efforts.

  • BoxOfDocs is focused on helping local governments work together to create vibrant, safe and thriving communities through collaboration and knowledge sharing between organizations. Given the current pandemic, the BoxOfDocs Global platform is available to local government employees at no cost.

  • GovInvest is supporting local government clients on long term financial forecasting and the impact of COVID-19 on their tax revenues and overall budgets. GovInvest is providing free individual consultations to model scenarios or to communicate the impacts of COVID-19 related market volatility on pensions, OPEBs, and labor costs. Schedule time with GovInvest.

  • Environmental monitoring is becoming increasingly important for cities and governments. By applying new wireless network techniques and outdoor sensors, new insights can easily be obtained about the use of our outdoor space. SensorTeam is now working with parties that want to apply sound measurements to ensure a coronavirus lockdown. The IoT SoundSensor is an effective plug & play outdoor wireless sensor which can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Strategy of Things has been focused on creating a structured way to find collaboration opportunities between cities and technology solutions vendors. Their latest white paper, Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - A collaboration framework for cities and solutions providers, describes a Smart City-Public Health Emergency Collaboration framework. It provides a structured way to identify areas of opportunity between cities, public health systems and the technology community.

  • Mobi has developed a SaaS-based social distancing analytics tool delivering insights to state and local governments regarding the movement of people and formation of crowds in their respective jurisdictions, down to the neighborhood, zip-code, or police zone level. The tool is powered by anonymized and aggregated location data sourced from both cellular network and mobile apps, thereby providing the most accurate and complete location data-set available to governments to combat the spread of the virus.

  • AcceliGOV is an annual opportunity for municipalities to compete for a pre-paid pilot project. The 2020 prize is provided by Blacksands, a leader in network architecture, identity & services management, threat analysis, industrial IoT architecture, and invisible dynamic network.

    As a response to the Coronavirus situation facing local governments, all applicants will receive a no-cost 90 day pilot to provide immediate protection during this heightened period of cyber threats. Apply here.

  • IPgallery’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Data-driven Smart City Command & Control Center provides stakeholders, mayors, city managers and operators with proactive Public Health Crisis Management tools, allowing to identify and predict trends, activate workflows automatically and execute emergency plans.

    The offering leverages valuable Smart City and Urban Mobility real-time AI based commercial deployed solutions, enabling local governments to more effectively respond and meet the needs of diverse urban communities with cutting-edge emergency assistance technology.

  • As cities navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Live XYZ’s up-to-date, precise dataset, as well as our data model and delivery systems, can be utilized to effectively target resources and provide mission critical support to businesses and residents. Live XYZ has collected and mapped storefront data in 30+ metropolitan areas across the country, providing an initial baseline layer against which to scale future mapping operations. THey have also developed tools for collecting, managing and delivering data on businesses. Our product offers up-to-date, precise information on 1) which businesses are operating, 2) who is able to reopen, and 3) for how long they remain open. This tool can be shared with city partners, delivering an app directly to the hands of in-the-field workers and volunteers. Cities can utilize this tool, and Live can rapidly transform and deliver this data back to decision makers in order to monitor businesses that are operating during this crisis and support recovery efforts following the crisis.

  • Software platform tailor built for the Business Retention & Expansion needs of local cities and counties to be used to working with business reopening from COVID-19

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