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Long Beach, California

Population: 466,742 / Mayor Robert Garcia

A smart Long Beach is one that is inclusive, responsible, resilient, and community-centered. We think technology and data have the power to improve the lives of all Long Beach residents, and that real change can only happen if we collaborate as one City to solve problems and test out solutions. The Long Beach of the future must be defined by our residents, not technology companies.

Featured Programs

  • The Smart City Initiative advances solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, staff, and private sector to explore and implement emerging technology. This does not imply that there is something “not smart” about the way things have been done in the past. Rather, the Smart City Initiative is a collaborative effort to build on foundations that are already in place and to keep pace with rapid advances in technology.

  • These pilot projects are intended to provide City staff with an opportunity to quickly understand how we might adopt technology and leverage partnerships to drive innovative service delivery for our residents, in alignment with our Smart City Strategy.

  • Pitch Long Beach! allows vendors to pitch an idea for a project to the City. The ideas that offer promising solutions to legitimate City needs will be shared with our subject matter experts, evaluated with transparent criteria, and then may be implemented as pilot projects.

  • The LB Co-Lab will engage Long Beach community members in a collaborative engagement and training process to design and implement a technology solution that works for them.

Open Opportunities