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3DEXPERIENCity uses modeling, simulation and analytics to enable sustainable, resilient planning and redevelopment of territories and cities
Imagining and building the smart city of tomorrow means responding to urban challenges while engaging each of the territory's players (public, private, citizens) through a global and systemic approach. 3DEXPERIENCity provides a scalable and unique cooperation platform that allows for the aggregation of both static and dynamic territorial data, creation of a coherent 3D view of the city and all its assets and processes, and facilitation of better decision making through simulation and analytical tools that allow all stakeholders to understand and visualize the impact of possible decisions.
Implementation of a Virtual Territory platform will facilitate collaboration and communication across departmental boundaries to plan, monitor and manage the city in a holistic and cooperative way, leading to the development of effective and sustainable polices that can allow everyone involved in the life of a city to dream, imagine, visualize, and design their future, together.
How can officials, business people and citizens work together to improve cities?
3DEXPERIENCity is a 3D collaborative environment where data from sensors and city systems is federated into a virtual referential that benefits everyone.
  • Officials - 3DEXPERIENCity offers advanced modeling technology to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios to test concepts and develop optimal solutions in city domains ranging from mobility and health to utilities and planning.
  • Business - 3DEXPERIENCity acts as virtual marketplace where people can offer goods and services.
  • Citizens - 3DEXPERIENCity is a community space that serves as a collaborative hub, conversation forum and information portal.
3DEXPERIENCity® is powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the business experience platform that world-leading companies in every industry use to create winning customer experiences.

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