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Comprehensive Smart Water Management for the CII Sector

Real-time water data, intelligence and insights
The Apana® Smart Water Management Solution is a unique and scalable combination of hardware, software and automated notifications system.

Imagine you could see in real-time the water use of your largest commercial, industrial, and institutional users in a given city, and work with these users to manage water and reduce unnecessary use. With the Apana Comprehensive Smart Water Management Solution, that is now a reality.

Apana clients reduce their water waste an average of 18%, and obtain previously hidden data on real-time water use at the source.
Hardware:  Apana LiNK Low-Power Wide-Area Network Endpoint reads and transmits water data using the Apana LiNK Protocol from your water meter at intervals of up to one minute, 15x faster than the industry standard.  The Apana LiNK  Gateway securely backhauls the information to a cloud-hosted analytics platform.

Software and Business Intelligence: Dashboards display water use in real-time, available alerts and notifications identify and guide correction of suspect unnecessary water use. A single interface enables ease of management for users.

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