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Breeze Environmental Intelligence: Air quality sensors, data and clean air action analytics

Turn-key solution for hyperlocal air quality monitoring and analysis, as well as clean air action recommendations
Breeze Technologies provides a turn-key solution for air quality monitoring, management and clean air action planning and implementation:

Urban Air Quality Sensors

Breeze Technologies' air quality sensors measure all important air pollutants and climate indicators in real time. The data is calibrated through the ground-breaking Adaptive Cloud Calibration Engine, increasing data quality and accuracy.

Environmental Intelligence Cloud

The Environmental Intelligence Cloud helps you to interpret historic and real-time sensor data, and also provides access to satellite data. Data can also be integrated into other platforms through cloud APIs.

It includes an optional air quality citizen portal that helps to involve citizens in clean air action efforts.

Artificial Intelligence-based Clean Air Action Recommendations

Based on a catalogue of more than 3,500 clean air actions and best practice examples, Breeze provides actionable insights how to improve air quality.
Data Collection - Urban Air Quality Sensors

  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, VOCs and O3; can be extended to with other parameters
  • Real-time measurement, sampling and data transmission up to every 30 seconds
  • Available transmission standards include WiFi, LoRa and cellular
  • Cloud-based sensor calibration
  • Calibrated data is available via cloud APIs (JSON/REST)

Environmental Intelligence Cloud

  • More than 13,000 air quality data points available on the citizen portal
  • Real-time analysis of air quality data
  • Real-time aggregation to required standards, including hourly and daily air quality indexes (AQIs)
  • Hotspot analysis, time series analysis, and more
  • Includes air quality data from ESA CAMS
  • Data export via CSV
  • Regular reports via PDF, email, etc.

Clean Air Action Recommendations

  • More than 3,500 intervention examples available
  • Possibility to forecast the air quality impact of most of these interventions

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