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Brockwell Street Smart for AutoCAD

Bring 360 degree panoramic imagery into your CAD application using imagery from CycloMedia.
Brockwell brings CycloMedia’s Street Smart viewer to AutoCAD for use in planning, design, emergency management, regulatory compliance, and asset management. This app allows users to view geo-referenced, 360° spherical, street-level imagery within the AutoCAD suite using imagery provided by CycloMedia.

The best feature of this app is the ability for the user to take a measurement within the imagery and bring as-built measurement data into AutoCAD. Brockwell’s Street Smart for AutoCAD empowers users to visualize and automate the import of the LiDAR point cloud data, and effortlessly move from navigating a web-enabled panoramic viewer to analyzing a three-dimensional point cloud using their existing platform.

With the power of Street Smart by CycloMedia and Brockwell’s app for the AutoCAD suite, you can harness the imagery and enable visualization for all AutoCAD users in your organization, saving your organization survey time and field crew costs.
Acquisition of Imagery and LiDAR
  • CycloMedia will use mobile vehicles to drive 480 km of the corridors to collect imagery, LiDAR and specified types of assets using system components including IMU, GNSS, digital camera and laser scanner.
  • May include privacy filter, blurring of faces and license plates 
  • May includes the Street Smart™ Elevation Visualization tool to highlight existing features above, or at surface - representing below street level features. 
  • CycloMedia GeoCyclorama 360º x 180º HD imagery has a positional accuracy of +/- 10 cm (+/- 3.94”) and measurement accuracy of +/- 0.78”.

Potential pre-requisites could include:
  • Purchase of Esri ArcGIS for use with the ArcGIS plugin
  • Purchase of Autodesk AutoCAD (any version) for use of AutoCAD plugin
  • Additional storage is onsite or local storage of LiDAR files is required

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