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Camino Permit and Licensing Solutions

Keep your building and planning departments accessible online during COVID-19.
We are offering our full suite of permit technology at no cost to all public agencies impacted by COVID-19.
Deploy Information Guides
Camino’s Permit Guide has helped agencies cut back on phone calls by up to 50%. If you’re unable to staff your permit center, you can set up a Permit Guide as a virtual information center to answer applicant’s questions.
·       Flag and explain zoning restrictions.
·       Help an applicant figure out which permits they need.
·       Estimate fees and expected timeline.
Accept Applications, Payments, and Documents
Camino’s workflow builder can be used to set up an online permit portal in a matter of minutes.
·       Collect payments online.
·       Create and deploy digital forms.
·       Manage and organize digital file uploads.
Manage Inspections Remotely
Camino can help you deploy an online calendar that applicants can use to schedule inspections without tying up phone lines. Inspectors can set their own schedules and log results and photos.

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