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Capti Voice

Capti Voice is an app and a platform for universal access to content by students and everyone who want to listen to all they want to read.
Capti Narrator is a cross-platform productivity and education application enabling students to listen to their reading materials narrated with high quality synthetic voices. Capti is universally accessible and can be used by English language learners, special education students (including dyslexia and vision loss), and general education students who can benefit from audio-visual reading. Students can add any textual content from a variety of sources to their Playlists, choose from a wide selection of high quality voices, set their preferred speech rate, and enjoy having their Playlists narrated to them in class, at home or during their commute, even offline. Language learners will also benefit from build-in translation and an intelligent vocabulary building game. Capti can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebooks, (Android is in the works), enabling students to switch seamlessly among their devices and continue listening from where they left off.
Capti is free for individuals with optional premium features available for purchase. Organizations will benefit from an inexpensive subscription plan. Organizations have the ability to manage their subscribers, share Playlists with them, and monitor their usage. Capti has been used by hundreds of thousands of consumers and number of education institutions.
Capti enabled education, government, and business customers to do the following: 1. Import content from a wide range of sources: web, e-book libraries, and file sharing services. 2. Manage and distribute content in the form of simple and accessible playlists. 3. Consume content in an accessible audio-visual form across various types of devices. 4. Manage users, and track their usage, progress, and performance over time.

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