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A School Bus Alternative that's convenient, trusted and cost efficient reducing Per Pupil cost by 60% or more.
Traditional yellow buses are overly expensive, overcrowded, and environmentally harmful. Families must adjust their schedules to fit the buses’ fixed routes. The routes are often overly long due to schools having to reach large numbers of students in a single trip. Students risk being late to school, or not being picked up due to troubles that arise along the route.
CarpooltoSchool fills the market gap yellow bus inefficiencies creates.
CarpooltoSchool deploys school-branded web and mobile apps exclusive to parent communities so they can easily meet, organize and schedule transportation best for their families’ schedule, giving them peace of mind and reducing per pupil transportation costs by 60%. Since its founding in February 2015, Go Together has been recognized by EdTech Digest as a trendsetting EdTech company and has provided over 312,000 carpools in over 65 schools making multi-modal mobility a reality for parents, schools and school districts.
CarpooltoSchool is whitelabel web and mobile platform that allows familes in a school or school district to organize and select the safest and most efficient transportation methods. Schools and school districts authenticate all parent /guardian users, which allows parents to easily be matched and organize carpooling, walking, biking and taking transit together. Once approved, parents/guardians can find other parents/families to match and schedule trips, communicate with other parents, and see their child’s location in a live view during their trip to or from school. Schools and Districts have a low maintenance software that reduces per pupil transportation cost by more than 60% and reduces reliance on buses. School now have more flexibility with their bell schedules. The carline is a source of greenhouse emissions and traffic. CarpooltoSchool can reduce the number of cars idling, building community between parents/guardians and reducing the number of trips they make.

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