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Point of Sale (POS) Cashiering

In person payment solution that enables more efficient interactions between customers and cashiers
CityBase Point of Sale (POS) cashiering software enables more efficient interactions between customers and cashiers. The cashiering solution is powered by the secure, cloud-based CityBase payment platform, designed exclusively for local government and utilities.

CityBase products are entirely cloud-hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows us to deploy updates to the system quickly and with little effect on your environment. When we roll out a new feature or need to perform a fix, we can do it in real time without requiring our clients to shut down their POS stations. This makes organizing and managing your POS solution much easier than having an on-premise solution.
Flexible Payment Options Across Multiple Departments
Customers have the flexibility to pay toward an individual bill, or combine payments to pay toward multiple bills at once. Cashiers can take a single payment, or unify multiple transactions while sending that payment data back to both the departments and the general ledger.

Considers the Cashier Experience
A modern and intuitive cashier experience makes daily use of our software easy by streamlining tasks. Cashiers have access to full functionality of the platform, including the ability to pause orders, cancel transactions, perform cash drops, and look up past orders/transactions.

Robust Reporting
In addition to CityBase Revenue Management, POS in-app reporting includes cash drop receipts, close-out reports, order searches, and more.

Easy to Implement
The only requirement for network connectivity is browser-based functionality and CityBase will handle integrations to your backend systems.

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