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CityLife Mobile Platform

Build civic mobile apps or start from open source templates to rapidly prototype and deploy native apps without knowing how to code.
Meeting the increasing demand for mobile access to services and information can be a challenge for most agencies. Our CityLife platform supports your complex projects requiring unique integration between multiple agencies or vendors. Through the power of sharing solutions between agencies, cities can quickly deploy multiple mobile apps which easily integrate with your existing software, data, and smart technologies, saving significant time and money.
Our CityLife mobile and cloud platform makes it easy for cities to deploy mobile apps for services, open data, beacons and wearables. Whether you are in a government agency, IT, a developer or simply interested in your community, you can create interactive solutions. As a cross-platform end-to-end solution, we deliver rich analytics and civic dashboards to demonstrate ROI and robust feature support while still being accessible to non-developers.

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