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Emissions Data On-Demand / Dynamic Digital Twin of your Climate Action Plan

Dynamhex deploys cloud-based climate-action software and data-driven low-carbon strategies at a fraction of the cost and time
Cities, utilities and companies hire Dynamhex to solve the problem of siloed human analyses for their sustainability goals. Dynamhex calculates spatial data and empirical models that help the transition to a low-carbon future and meet net-zero targets. Dynamhex is different because our proprietary product, Decarbonization-as-a-service (DaaS), renders AI-based analytics in cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments through a subscription model.Dynamhex helps align the objectives of government and citizens with a platform for all stakeholders to work together, providing independent, transparent data by utilizing public and private datasets plus unique technology to empower better decisions and track the progress of reducing greenhouse gases from the macro level all the way down to an individual house or building.
Stack includes BEDES/SEED integration and a portfolio manager schema ingesting for facilities and buildings data points that auto-convert to GHG emissions emissions, and a marketplace API for vendors. The marketplace shows different service providers who can manage the retrofit/install of low-carbon solutions, categorized by cost; or bids from energy service companies (ESCOs) to manage such transactions. Dynamhex contextualizes solution sets, as $/kWh and other misc. costs vary by user type (residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional) and load profiles vary by end-use type (HVAC, cooling, data-centers, cooking, lighting) etc.

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