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Smartly bridge the physical and digital worlds of a city
Connecthings is the smart city brain for your mobile application and the APP ecosystem that turns public places into a personal assitant for everyone.

Our market-leading technologies and mobility science help enhance your app engagement by immersing it in the urban context and behaviors of its users. The improve user experience leads to increased customers satisfaction and revenues. 

Connecthings developped an award-winning SaaS platform used by over 60 wordclass cities, transit agencies and private ttransport companies in the world to help them tackle issues related to :

- DOCKLESS BIKESHARE parking zones management tools for a city-friendly multi-operators scheme

- PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION improved delivery of services and information (bus, subway, bikeshare etc.) 

- MOBILITY HUBS providing seamless first/last mile transport options based on real-time context

- ACCESSIBLE TRANSIT for low-vision and blind riders

We helps public authorities turn physical places into personal assistant for every one.
Connecthings provides a suite of state-of-the-art software: 

- AdTag, user-friendly location&context-based web interface to define virtual zones of engagement, manage mobile notification/in-app message strategies, see engagement statistics and so much more. 

- A Feed Engine to integrate any type of data sources and use it as notification triggers (ex: IF user at bus stop AND bus arrivals time>10min THEN "X bikeshare available around you" notification)

- A plug-and-play mobile library to connect any mobile app to the platform and network of places (geofence, IOT etc.) available at dev.connecthings.com

- Devices can be provided if necessary for better precision, accessibility, indoor space, etc.

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