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Economic Development Intelligence Platform

Provides a unified view of urban behaviour for effective economic development and planning.
Economic development is critical to a city’s future. But to understand the economic viability of a city or region, you need the right data to make informed decisions.

Gaining a unified view of everything that contributes or depends on your local economy is imperative to building smarter, more resilient communities. Greater visibility and understanding of how and why different facets of an economy behave empowers economic development officials to make better informed decisions.

Our platform is flexible enough to support the most complex use cases.

Economic development use cases include:
  • Land management
  • Business intelligence
  • Public transit proximity and level of service delivery analysis
  • Agglomeration analysis
  • Determination of economic generators versus supports
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Employment and unemployment
Use-case driven functionality
  • Combine information from different internal and external sources to provide added value.
  • Enable real-time and historical visualization, querying and analysis of sensor data. 

Cloud-based system
  • Provide an interactive, cloud-based interface to extract, consume and analyze data from a variety of sensors and sources.
  • Web-based access allowing 24/7 access from any location with Internet access by any authorized user.

Share with unlimited users 
  • The license covers everyone at the City. Easily share platform access with anyone in any department.

Unlimited data imports and exports
  • Continue to upload new data sets to tailor the platform to solve your use case more effectively.
  • Export the data as much and as often as you require.

Data ownership and privacy compliant and proficient
  • UrbanLogiq is in full compliance with the latest global privacy regulations, well ahead of other North American data companies.

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