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UrbanLogiq for Economic Development

Manage your spatial and non-spatial economic development data in one integrated platform and get fast access to local economic insights.
UrbanLogiq combines spatial data, economic indicators, and alternative data sources to provide local economic insights. Our flexible use cases help economic development professionals access the right data, analyze it effectively, and share information with key stakeholders. Our use cases include but are not limited to:

Main Street Monitoring: Integrate and visualize data related to businesses, commercial vacancies, demographics, and more to analyze main street districts over time. Learn More.

Site Selection and Analysis: Access pre-populated public and private data sets related to vacancies, land use, businesses, and more. Learn More.

Business Cluster Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of your community’s business clusters and how they relate to one another and the local economy. Learn More.
 UrbanLogiq integrates and visualizes spatial and non-spatial data to generate powerful insights for public officials. Our intuitive cloud-based and ISO-certified platform makes data a resource that is easy to share and understand so that agencies can spend more time delivering solutions for their communities, and less time wrangling data.
Non-Functional Requirements
Cloud-based: As an entirely cloud-based platform, users only require a computer and an internet connection to access the system.
Unlimited updates: All new software updates, patches, performance and security enhancements are made automatically available to all users.
Unlimited users: One software license covers all users in your organization.
Customer success: Users have access to dedicated customer success staff. We offer a unique onboarding plan for every agency to match your goals.

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