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Enevo® Operate

Enevo® Operate is a cloud platform for planning, managing and executing waste collection operations.
Enevo Operate provides a modern set of tools for planning, managing and executing your everyday collection operations.

Automated scheduling and routing combined with service execution and validation reports as well as vehicle GPS traces helps you gain insights to your collection operations and run them more effectively.

  • Easy-to-use cloud service with 24/7 access
  • Configurable daily collection schedules with automated collection routing
  • Assisting tool for managing schedule restrictions and service exceptions
  • Tailored web/mobile views for operation managers and dispatchers
  • Driver focused in-vehicle tablet with navigational guidance and reporting capabilities
  • Live map and history for vehicle GPS trace
  • Service execution and validation statistics and reports
  • Automated and dynamic collection scheduling (Only available when combining Pulse and Operate packages)
  • Optimised smart collection routes (Only available when combining Pulse and Operate packages)

  • Easier collection scheduling and more efficient routing with automated tools
  • Improved task management and service level validation
  • Better communication between operations management and drivers
  • Real-time feedback and reporting from the field
  • Extended visibility to fleet management
  • Increased transparency to operations through service execution statistics and reports
Enevo® Operate is a powerful tool that automates the planning of collection routes. Plans are calculated predicted fill levels for each individual container and then taking into account collection constraints and costs. Millions of different plan alternatives are calculated and the most economically efficient collection plan is selected for the the next 30 days. Plans are automatically generated each night and delivered to each individual truck via our Enevo Drive tablet application.

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