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Enevo® Pulse

Enevo® Pulse uses real-time data with predictive fill level analysis allowing cities to measure waste patterns and optimize services.
Enevo Pulse allows you to discover valuable insights of your operation through real waste data from all of your containers.

Real-time data combined with predictive fill level analysis and detailed reports enables you to understand fill level generation patterns and streamline your operations.

• Near real-time fill level measuring with wireless and durable sensors
• Easy-to-use cloud service with 24/7 access
• Graphical fill-levels with predictive fill level forecasts
• Fill level trends and history
• Site and container management with location tracking tools
• Service event detection for collections
• Collected weight and volume monitoring
• On-time alert notifications and extensive operational reports

• Manage waste collection with graphical view of actual and predicted fill levels from all waste containers
• Monitor and gain insights to your operational performance
• Plan collections ahead using predictive fill level forecasts
• Avoid over and under servicing containers
• Generate detailed reports using actual waste data
• Increased transparency to serve your customers more proactively

Enevo® Pulse combines accurate fill level data and predictive analytics to provide our customers with valuable insights that allow you to see when and where containers will be full. It helps you to understand waste generation patterns and how much waste is being generated. With the help of our insights, you will be able to track if collections happen as planned but also discover unscheduled collections and/or waste dumping.

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