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EPAM Public Sector Services

EPAM provides solutions for transportation and mobility, public health and safety, and venues and communities.
EPAM has designed and built data solutions related to parking, intelligent traffic, intersection optimization, information kiosks and dashboards with electric vehicle (EV) charging, vehicle and fleet tracking services, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions, mobility-on-demand, and community-driven and community-sourced mobility strategies.
We have designed and built mobile applications and global publication platforms for health, immunization and pandemic advice, used by 11 million users today. The ‘COVID Resistance for Business’ platform helps keep employees safe and healthy at work, while instilling trust in safety for workers and their constituents.
We have also designed and built solutions that optimize living spaces and amenities, provide digital wayfinding and advertising in venues such as airports, offer next-generation offices with both building operation intelligence and experience intelligence, and provide smart city solutions leveraging 5G connectivity infrastructure.

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    41 University Dr Newtown, PA 18940

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