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Enabling organizations to process a portion their accounts payable using single-use credit card numbers to earn a rebate at zero cost.
The CPS Virtual Card Program provides a method to deliver payments electronically using a secure, one-time use MasterCard account number. These payments can only be processed by a vendor for the amount specified and reduces the cost of handling and mailing paper checks.

• Increased value to the AP organization by adding an additional payment type in order to earn a monthly rebate at zero cost
• Submit consolidated remittances for your suppliers electronically
• Leverage existing vendor pay cycle (terms)
• Secure payments through one time use feature (exact payment amount)
• Reduced AP costs
• Reduce financial risk and enhance financial controls
Seamless integration is achieved with your AP system with minimal changes to your current invoice processing.  The CPS Payment Portal is used to load payments (via file extract or direct integration) designated as E-Payments into the CPS Portal and provide a reconciliation report that can be consumed by the AP system to record payments that have cleared.  CPS has the ability to receive your payment information in virtually any form and map it as necessary for use in the CPS Payment Portal.  Typical import files come in the form of comma-separated, pipe-delimited, XML, or text files.  CPS also has integration adapters for many standard AP systems (ie. pre-built PeopleSoft code), easing the integration tasks for our clients to a handful of hours.  For reconciliation, CPS has the ability to generate a file in any format required for consumption by your AP system.  All mapping and reporting changes and configuration are provided by CPS IT at no cost. 

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