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Flow-to-Wire (WQA certified to NSF 61&372)

Safe water certified in-pipe hydro system that produces clean power from excess pressure in drinking, food and beverage water operations
Rentricity focuses on an innovative application of in-pipe hydrokinetic power generation. Water continuously flows through pipelines and offers the capability to generate electricity year-round, 24 hours per day. Over-pressurization occurs where water is stored at significantly higher elevation than the customers it serves, and must therefore flow downhill to reach them. Drinking water processors and industrial manufacturers typically install pressure reduction valves (“PRVs”) – hydraulic devices that maintain pre-set pressure ranges – to relieve the excess pressure. PRVs generally do not perform useful work with the dissipated pressure, and simply release it as waste heat. Rentricity’s innovative energy recovery systems convert this excess pressure into clean electricity.

Rentricity's Flow-to-Wire produce 5kW to 350kW of clean power. The system generally include a micro-turbine, generator, sensors, processors, electronic controls, and communications equipment that operate seamlessly and autonomously within the water infrastructure. The electricity produced can either be sold to the electric grid or used behind the meter. The systems can be easily integrated with existing SCADA systems to provide system controls and real time power, flow, and pressure information

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