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Free Modern, Intuitive eProcurement portal during the COVID19 crisis.
ProcureNow is offering our eProcurement portal during the COVID19 crisis. We are reaching out to local governments to offer our electronic sourcing module free of charge to all agencies who need it. 

If you are a local or regional government and are currently collecting bids by paper or are allowing submission via email, there is better way to ensure security, compliance, and efficiency. Our solution is "sealed bid compliant".

There's no risk & no commitment. Your agency can utilize the ProcureNow platform for no obligation through the end of 2020. Our sourcing system is easy to use, we can implement your site in minutes. You can be up and running in a day. Again, we are offering these services and our time for free.

How to get in touch:
In brief, what you'll get is:
  •  An online place where you can load all your RFPs, IFBs etc, and post them out to the public - it will allow you to create the experience for the vendor so they are guided through the responses process.
  • A vendor portal so vendors can register to receive updates and notifications from the City.
  • Vendors can read all solicitations, ask questions, and respond to all your bids and RFP electronically.
  • ProcureNow supports vendors and you.
  • A dashboard to help you manage how vendors are doing during the open bid process
  • Once you've collected the responses electronically, you'll be able to assign members of an evaluation committee electronically
  • They can log in, view the proposals, with answers to questions side by side, and then score and comment. 
  • You can make the award in the software, and alert the responders of who won.
  • You'll be able to manage this completely from home or anywhere in the world.

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