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Fybr Parking Solution

As the world’s leader in parking sensor management, Fybr helps communities become more vibrant, productive and profitable.

 The Fybr Smart Parking Solution 
delivers real-time data to help actively connect people with their communities, while providing a vital source of revenue to the communities themselves. 
From parking garages and college campuses to some of the world’s largest cities, Fybr's Smart Parking Solution is an end-to-end IoT platform that delivers data safely, securely, and in real-time—capturing infrastructure value, maximizing efficiency across departments, and helping to attain the optimal operational, financial and social outcomes. 
Accurate, real-time vehicle detection for every space.
Our patented, highly accurate in-ground sensors are the cornerstone of the Fybr Parking Platform. Our parking sensor can accurately detect vehicles without concern for many of the factors that plague other sensors—such as weather, vehicle color, and ambient light. This modality not only provides the highest levels of accuracy but also allows for extended battery life (7-10 years) in the smallest form factor possible.
Mobile Apps
Parking Genius - Consumer
Real-Time Space Data
Turn-by-Turn Directions
Integrated Payment Options
City Updatable Pricing & Policies
Enforcement - City
Prioritize of Violations
Real-Time Violation Data
Full Space History

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