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GovInvest Total Liability Calculator

Software that models, analyzes and visualizes your individual agency's retirement plans for instant calculations and comparisons.
Since 2014, GovInvest has brought together leading actuaries, engineers, and designers to build innovative technology solutions to empower government agencies to better navigate the complexities of actuarial analysis. Our solution suite consists of our cloud-based software, actuarial valuations, funding reports, accounting valuations, and actuarial consulting.

When Co-founders Jasmine Nachtigall-Fournier and Ted Price saw the actuarial valuation reports that agencies depended on to make key decisions about funding their future employee benefits, they realized how complicated, outdated, and obsolete the reports could be, and set out to build the Total Liability Calculator, a cloud-based software platform that provides our clients with real-time information, instant actuarial and financial analysis, and insights into how to pay down unfunded liabilities.
The GovInvest Total Liability Calculator is a cloud-based actuarial software. Actuarial analyses can take weeks or months for a traditional consulting firm to produce, while our actuarial engine produces these results instantly. The software transforms actuarial reports and census information into a user-friendly, interactive dashboard that communicates historical and projected pension information. Agencies now have a technology to visualize and prepare for circumstances that can impact pension liability, normal cost, unfunded liability contributions, and other related metrics.

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