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HdL Sales Tax Services

Sales, Use And Transactions Tax
HdL provides allocation and deficiency audits, data analysis, and
support for more than 80 Texas taxing jurisdictions, representing a
broad array in terms of total sales tax receipts, geographic area, and
boundary complexity. HdL goes beyond typical revenue recovery, using
proprietary databases and staff expertise to help clients expand their
revenues. Our team has extensive expertise in Texas sales and use tax,
much of it honed working inside the operations of the Texas Comptroller
of Public Accounts (TCPA). This experience provides an unmatched
level of credibility in interactions with the TCPA and unique insights
in interpreting information provided by the TCPA. Our knowledge
and understanding of sales and use tax statutes and data sourcing are
reflected in our proprietary research processes, screening software,
and analytical techniques, which have helped our clients realize tens of
millions of dollars in recovered and increased sales and use tax revenues.

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    120 S. State College Blvd. Brea, CA 92821

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