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Intelligent Pole Base

Intelligent Pole Base will fundamentally change the way IoT Infrastructure and EV Charging are designed
Intelligent Pole Base
Light pole bases have been utilized for structure only to hold up light poles in parking lots and roadways. Our company has set out to provide a design that replaces the concrete structure with a steel patented “Intelligence Center”  that allows for several different technological components to be placed in that normally unusable space.  
The Intelligent Pole Base (IPB) can house and integrate multiple technological needs such as: 
·         Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) for electric vehicles
·         digital displays for advertisement that shows directions, emergency notification, and general information
·         security cameras
·         Fiber terminations cabinets (IDF) Intermediate distribution frame
·         WiFi network equipment
·         Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) equipment 
Our product truly can make every vertical entity future-proof for years to come.
Intelligent Pole base is made currently manufactured in the USA and is entirely made from steel and welded.
IPB can be provided with ventilation for airflow for components needing controlled environments all at the same time having the structural ability to hole to mount the pole on top of the base and provide the space needed to house components
Different sizes can be custom-built to the application as well as the use case. However, there are standard sizes available to match existing concrete bases

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