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Provides lane-level counts, road speeds, turning movements, and averages over every five minutes.
Utilize Existing Infrastructure (Cameras)
Video is currently one of if not the most accurate and underutilized data source traffic managers and city planners have. Thousands of cameras nationwide have already been deployed and their feeds backhauled to traffic management centers where, until MetroTech developed the tools to optimize this camera data, the video screens were only viewed periodically by center staff. Additionally, many communities have already invested in a video camera infrastructure for security that can be leveraged to also create traffic data.  MetroTech’s technology solution requires no on site or in field installation as it can be done remotely if needed. All required, is a video analytics server be installed at the local traffic center where feeds are backhauled. With video analytics, the 99% of the cameras not being viewed by the Video Integration Center can be observed 24/7 to generate valuable data about the conditions of the region’s streets and highways.
As stated above, MetroTech captures lane level traffic data mostly focusing on speeds and counts of individual vehicles in real time (1 minute of less latency). While this data is extremely valuable, MetroTech’s platform helps users make sense of this collected and stored data. MetroTech’s real-time intelligent transportation system platform, with the embedded analytics, modeling and presentation capabilities, layered on the data archive, empowers these groups through customizable dashboards and reports. This data is extremely helpful for both planning and traffic management departments. For example, traffic studies and reports needed can be easily collected while real time data can be used for signal light optimization and coordination.
We convert current camera infrastructure into traffic sensors & publishes lane level real-time data for improved signal timing, driver safety & transportation planning. Using data analytics, raw data is examined & stored to measure, identify, & evaluate traffic flow, patterns & trends along with incident detection & wrong way drivers. Typical accuracy is 95% averaged over 1 minute. MetroTech works with municipalities, TMCs, DOTs and businesses to help make smarter decisions regarding traffic

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