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IntelliSection Plus

Lane-level counts, road speeds, turning movements, & averages over every 5 min; also the ability to bring in additional traffic data.
Data Fusion Platform
While data collected by traffic cameras is being analyzed in the cloud, other data sources, such as weather and additional traffic data, can be fed to the cloud in real-time to accompany the video data. The IntelliSection TM ITS platform is able to easily integrate a wide range of data sources, enabling numerous devices to be incorporated into systems to improve overall data accuracy.  The data sources may be disparate and originate from multiple vendors’ devices, creating islands of data. These islands of data may include a blend of the latest standard protocols along with older or even retired devices. Included in our UIC is the ability to input data seamlessly from inductive-loop detectors, magnetometers, video image processors, microwave radar sensors (presence detecting and Doppler), laser radar sensors, passive infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, passive acoustic sensors, and devices that utilize a combination of technologies.
Open Ended Architecture
As stated above, the ease which data can be integrated to the platform from existing infrastructure deployments creates a competitive advantage for Metrotech. MetroTech’s open ended architecture works by combining numerous data sources, including but not limited to: video, fiber, wireless, cloud, APIs, databases and other technologies. While this connectivity allows additional data sources to be the incorporated, it also allows for ease in building out future solutions and technologies while incorporating current. For example, MetroTech is compatible and been used with Esri’s ArcGIS, particularly the Roads and Highways application. The Asset Manager allows municipalities to deploy or continue to build on a linear referencing system solution that makes it possible for departments of transportation to integrate data from multiple linear referencing system (LRS) networks and get a comprehensive view of their roadways.
We were founded on the vision that Smart Cities will require a common data platform for Connected Vehicles and transportation infrastructure. This vision is not simply about bringing data from cars and traffic signals into a single data base; we also analyze data from multiple sources to produce real-time, actionable information to power the transportation infrastructure and inform transportation officials, residents and visitors with the information they need, in the format they can best use.

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