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Engage your residents when they need it the most on the device they use the most!
It’sMyTown® allows local governments to proactively engage with their constituents using push notifications, location services, and calendar/events integration. It’sMyTown® also takes away barriers to access like registration and privacy concerns.
Our solution is geared towards 2-way communication with features like public surveys, feedback/direct contact buttons, and a digital form builder. These services help reduce incoming phone, email, and in-person inquiries saving staff time and resources. 

It’sMyTown® is a free mobile app currently available on the Apple and Google Play App Stores for the public to use. Use a secure customer portal with one dashboard to control the app and easily post to social media channels. It’sMyTown® requires no personal information from citizens and there are no internal resources or skills needed to implement It’sMyTown. 

Modules Available*
  • Alerts
  • Careers
  • Directory
  • Events
  • News
  • Places
  • Polls
  • Reports
  • Services
  • Leadership Bios

*We are always working on new features
Privacy First.
  • Our mobile app is registration-free for users. This means no unintended personal information is collected or stored.
  • On the backend, local governments can enjoy a secure dashboard with 2-factor-authentication

Other Features
  • ADA Compliant
  • Analytics
  • Data backup
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance
  • Professional onboarding and training
  • Bianual Customer Feedback/Reviews

Website Rebrand/Redesign
ITsimple also offers a mobile-responsive website design that can complement your app. Update CityGuards, Website, and Social Media all in one place with the click of a button.

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