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Julota Interoperability Platform

Julota’s secure, integrated data-sharing platform connects public health and service sectors, improves community outcomes and lowers costs.
Julota connects providers across the care community, including the documentation of program participation, assessment, progress, and outcomes to deliver actionable data. All disparate entities - law enforcement, public health, behavioral health, community organizations, child welfare, etc – work together, reducing waste of resources and sharing needs assessments to address the social determinants.
Julota allows permission roles to be customized to meet local requirements for information access while protecting Criminal Justice, 42 CFR Part 2, and HIPAA/HITECH compliance – managing data access at various permission levels, including the agency, user, and client. Substance use information is isolated to those with proper permission. Customization is directed at meeting each agency’s specific workflows and requirements.
Standardizing data collection and workflows across networks ensures accurate, detailed data needed for systematic analysis by policymakers and decision-makers.
Julota is a cloud-based SaaS platform where data collected on a population can then be shared or isolated based on the automated management of release of information forms, consents, and permissions, and agency role settings to protect PHI, PII, and Criminal Justice Information (CJI) as governed by HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2, and CJIS requirements.
At its most basic level, Julota allows agencies to be interconnected, accessing a shared data set, and referring to one another to meet the needs of each client. These networks can involve a wide variety of agencies, services, and facilities, including state and community mental health, local transportation options, local public health, local workforce development, healthcare systems, PCPs offices, and child welfare programs. Julota can help them all share information in safe and efficient methods to maximize results for shared populations.
Julota automates and customizes workflows across agencies to improve care and decrease costs.

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