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Flexible Municipal Payments
CityBase is the leading provider of PCI-compliant payment kiosks for governments and utilities across the US. Industry-leading indoor and outdoor kiosks mean you can provide 24/7, multilingual customer service, with no upfront costs to install.

Research-Driven Kiosk Interface
An academic usability study by researchers at Purdue University informed UX design of the CityBase kiosk interface. Clear language, high-contrast visuals, and consistent information display help populations with low-literacy skills or vision impairments to easily complete kiosk transactions.

Improved 24/7 Service
The average transaction time on a CityBase kiosk is less than one minute for cash, and 25 seconds for card payments. Several indoor and outdoor kiosk models mean you can provide 24/7 service at multiple locations.

Customer-Driven, Cashier-Assisted POS
With cashiering software and tablets, CityBase point-of-sale solutions enable more efficient interactions between citizens and cashiers.

• Easy-to-use CityBase kiosks speed transaction times to less than a minute on average
• Research-driven user interface
• Improved 24/7 customer service
• Highly visual instructions are simple for all customers, including those with vision impairments and low levels of literacy
• EMV, PCI Level-1 compliant
• Reduce foot traffic and wait times
• Handle multiple services and payments in one place
• Integrate directly with customer information systems (CIS) and other systems for robust reporting and reconciliation
• Sensitive information stays safe because it isn’t stored

• Visual cues and plain language simplify transactions for customers
• Easy for cashiers to learn and use, so they can work faster
• Direct integration with your databases means immediate processing, posting, and reconciliation
• Capture email addresses and mobile numbers so you can encourage users to move to lower-cost service channels

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