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Comprehensive Mobile Safety, Communications and COVID-19 Response in Every Hand
COVID-19 presents municipalities with the unprecedented challenge of providing real-time trusted communications, live case cluster tracking, safety and dynamic digital response plans to their front-line staff, responders and citizens. 

KUVRR mobile app and KUVRR Command & Control empowers city leaders, staff and all or designated citizens to send live streaming SOS, notifications, conduct polls, get safety check-ins, provide digital response plans, live crime tips and deliver full situational awareness to first responders, staff and citizens.


  • Highly Affordable (Free App)
  • Rapid deployment (Zero IT/2-Day Remote Deployment)
  • Remote On-boarding/training/support
  • Unlimited data storage (2 years)
  • Mobile response in every hand

Kuvrr’s optional companion panic buttons, A/V alert devices and indoor location detection transform alerting, response and live crisis management. By enabling safety and emergency preparedness in every hand, KUVRR multiplies crisis response!
KUVRR is designed for minimal installation and ease of use. Based on the research and interviews conducted with public safety leaders, security service providers and end users, KUVRR provides the four key pillars of safety and crisis management in a single platform:
1. Threat identification & multi-modal alerting along with location detection/live tracking (Indoors/Outdoors)
2. Real time situational awareness to all parties
3. Continuous response management
4. Live multi-modal communication to all parties for smarter response and rescue

KUVRR's 100% web powered platform requires zero installation and runs on a web browser (ArmourGrid recommends Google Chrome for optimal performance) thus eliminating any expensive, complex and lengthy installations. Companion KUVRR mobile apps are available to download directly from Apple and Google app stores and built for ease of use and fast adoption. The web infrastructure and the data is 100% based in the USA.

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