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Map-based survey tool that facilitates simple and effective citizen engagement and public participation.
Maptionnaire is a map-based survey tool which facilitates simple and effective public participation. With Maptionnaire, you can create a virtual map where residents can easily tell what they would like to change or what they think of your plans. The feedback isn’t general feelings about change, but exact comments of what people like or dislike about a specific spot or area of the city or a possible change - in an easily usable format.

You get widely representative data of what people think of the city and your plans. They can also vote between options to show what they’d prefer. When you go to a public meeting, you can show what people really think about a plan, so a loud minority doesn’t steal the show.

The service is globally applied by cities, consultancies, and universities working in the field of urban planning and design, transportation planning, green areas, research, forest management, property management, cultural heritage, and beyond. 
Effortless engagement and simplified participation workflow:
  • Easily collect and categorize location-based data
  • Intuitive mapping interface that works across devices
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Multi-language questionnaires easy to create
  • Build a dynamic questionnaire using a diverse selection of question types
  • Present future plans of the area by overlaying your sketches over the base-map
  • Integrate with your WMS server, upload GeoTIFFs and shapefiles, or use geoJSON as interactive map overlays
Transform data into tangible insights:
  • Ready-made reports that drive awareness and action in your project
  • Open up the analysis tool for decision makers or the public to interactively analyse the results.
  • Make quick and simple visualisations of your data in Maptionnaire analysis tool. Filter the data, create heatmaps, and access the location comments.
  • Export response data for use in your analysis tool of choice or use our API to integrate with third party services.

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