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Mobility Solution in the COVID-19 Crisis

Turn-key solution for essential service operations to transport people and goods
Due to the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, healthcare organizations and essential service providers are challenged in transporting critical employees and goods to and from the workplaces, hospitals etc. This is mainly due to public transportation being scaled down and that the large vans/ shuttles owned by the existing transport fleets exceed the regulations for the number of people in a single vehicle. 

Cities are trying to quickly serve dynamic transportation needs that are coming up across diverse use cases: transporting at-risk populations to exclusive early shopping hours, healthcare personnel transportation, food and supply deliveries, etc.

Autofleet provides the complete platform to launch optimized on-demand transportation and delivery services: booking app, control center, and driver app. The platform automatically assigns and dispatches vehicles and drivers to incoming orders to create pooled and optimized routes. 

At this time, for public organizations, autofleet is offering its platform at no charge, to provide an elastic supply of vehicles to achieve automated and optimized transportation of essential personnel and goods. Additionally, Autofleet has access to large rental fleets that are looking to put their unutilized vehicle to use.

The platform can be implemented and launched in days.

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