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Near Space Labs Offers High-Resolution, High-Frequency, Low Cost Stratospheric Imagery

Near Space Labs offers high-resolution, high-frequency, low cost aerial imagery of urban and non-urban areas.
Near Space Labs offers high resolution, high frequency, low cost imagery of urban and non-urban areas in the United States. Our stratospheric vehicles scan very large areas on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual frequency with a 30 cm resolution. We can also do custom passes over post-disaster areas, construction sites, real estate projects and more. We process and provide API access within a few days so you can get your imagery quickly!

Due to COVID19 we have made our recent imagery of Madrid, Spain free of charge to state, local and county officials. 

We also have data samples of Austin, Texas available.

Standard Single Scene Georeferenced Product

Resolution - 30 cm/pixel
Coverage - Full area up to 400km2 within NSL’s coverages.
Scene size - 1.4 by 1 km rasters, with 10-50% overlap over coverage.
Bands - RGB
Default Processing - Fast Non-Local means denoising. Sigmoidal contrast & White balancing. De-vignetting based on frame subtraction & High pass filter. Image-based atmospheric correction.
Capture Angles - Overhead and off-nadir up to 30 deg.
Frequency - Daily, weekly passes or better (see below).
Georeferencing - Coarse direct estimate + Indirect feature matching process. Statistical accuracy under study, expected <10m percentile 90.

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