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oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace Solution

oneTRANSPORT data marketplace provides data sharing, legal and monetization elements to facilitate creation of data-driven solutions
oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace solution, powered by the Chordant platform, uses the global oneM2M standard to bring together both real-time and historical data from multiple sources and owners into a data-as-a-service marketplace. This solution is breakthrough as it addresses the large-scale change that smart cities will have on local governments, cities, and their ecosystems. This solution is not just about new technology—it also includes legal governance, privacy, and data monetization elements.

Based on the successful two-year field-trial involving eleven public and private sector partners, the oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace was launched as the nationwide commercial service in the United Kingdom (www.onetransport.io). It is helping cities, regions, agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and the community create new data-driven digital Smart City solutions today.

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oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace solution, powered by the Chordant platform, enables data owners to publicly distribute or privately share data within the organization or with private sector suppliers. The data marketplace provides numerous service features:
  • “Publish once, distribute to many” architecture, enabling the efficient distribution of real-time data by data owners to any other organization without placing additional strain on existing IT systems
  • Choice of open data licenses, allowing organizations to control what data they license and on what terms
  • Cloud storage and archiving of real-time data, creating historical records for analysis and machine learning
  • APIs based on the international global IoT standards, preventing proprietary-system lock-ins and
  • Options for monetizing valuable data

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