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Open Data Management Consultation

We help prepare open data to be a tool for data-driven decisionmaking and a useful asset for developing smart-city solutions.
Our customizable, standard open data management consulting packages include:

+ Needs assessment for high-value data: Open Data Nation can help identify data assets that are the most important to open up. We help to focus on publishing what is valuable to our clients and their communities, rather than simply publishing more without a purpose.

+ Inventory of existing content and quality: Open Data Nation surveys the open data that is already published. Rather than focus on publishing more data, we help you refine data to generate actionable business intelligence.

+ Prioritized data for publication: Open Data Nation will suggest what data is necessary to take the next leap into open, predictive data science and start generating business intelligence and making data-driven decisions from open data.

+ Prepare data for advanced analytics and data science: Open Data Nation will clean, transform, merge, and generate new variables to enable further analysis.

+ Use statistical algorithms to identify opportunities for improvement: Using predictive algorithms, we can anticipate where problems might happen before they occur, measure the effect of human resource and capital investments, and evaluate the performance of public servants against data-driven expectations.

+ Measure cost saving from data-driven decisionmaking: We will track the performance of data-driven decision making and measure cost savings.

Smart City Solutions:
When warranted, we develop web applications to deliver curated business intelligence to decision makers.

Learn more about Open Data Nation in GovTech Magazine and read about how we make public-sector inspections more effective and efficient in the Atlantic.

Photo Credit: Open Data Institute 
Open Data Nation addresses the common issues of getting started with open data. We use our knowledge of best-practices and initiatives that promote transparency, engage the public, generate cost savings, and create business intelligence to guide cities and counties that would like to use open data more effectively, but are not there yet. When warranted, we adapt smart city initiatives to locales with similar data and similar problems.

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