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Panoptic Cyberdefense

Panoptic Cyberdefense is a SOC service involving high-level consulting, monitoring, data collection, analysis, management, and reporting.
Panoptic Cyberdefense is our SOC Managed Security service that maximizes visibility throughout your network, providing you with the best defense.
Our experts first get to know your network—inside, at the perimeter, and in the cloud—to establish baselines and thresholds and be ready for response. We tune to your policies, priorities, and procedures. We then monitor, correlate, and alert on threats, anomalies, and compliance violations by accepting security data from all systems in your network and in the cloud into our ELK Stack-based Panoptic SIEM.
onShore Security analysts are the human component that pushes our security offering beyond simple alerting or even detection and response. Integrating with your organization, onShore analysts achieve an end-to-end view of the security of your network, and provide the high-level analysis needed for larger organizations and critical industries that must report to regulatory bodies and directors.
  • NIDS Sensor Automated Threat Detection
  • NIDS Sensor Automated Compliance Detection
  • MultiGig NIDS Sensor included
  • 1TB Lookback Packet Capture
  • Machine Learning Malware Detection
  • Proprietary Signature Updates
  • Banking Signature Updates
  • Community Signature Updates
  • Off-site Packet Captures
  • Off-site Log Retention
  • One Year SIEM, Log, and PCAP Retention
  • Application Detection and Filtering
  • Attachment Detection and Sandboxing
  • Firewall Hardware Included
  • SSL Traffic Decryption
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Application Micro-segmentation
  • Board Reporting and Presentation
  • Scheduled Recurring Tests
  • Firewall Redundancy
  • NIDS Redundancy
  • NIDS 10Gb Sensor Ports
  • Additional Lookback Storage

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