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People Counting and Crowd Monitoring Sensor Solution

Leverage smart phone detection, video tracking, and iBeacon/BLE technologies to provide a complete view of traffic through your space.

Understanding pedestrian flows, density, direction, and activity allows you to gain business intelligence and insight within public parks, shopping centers, event venues, theme parks, and other public attractions. Crowd counting and pedestrian traffic monitoring are important for detecting congestion points, optimizing for visitor access, and measuring footfall traffic. People counting can also be used by security personnel and fire marshalls to estimate the number of patrons in a venue and ensure fire code compliance and guest safety.

Monitoring public and private spaces for visitor usage statistics can provide better information on space management, peak times, and congested areas.

Understanding the efficient flow of pedestrians through high traffic areas, such as: airports, stadiums, or shopping centers can make the difference between a great or bad experience for guests. 

Gather metrics such as:
•   The number of unique and repeat visitors passing daily
•   Average waiting or travel time
•   Pedestrian behavior such as walking routes, most visited places, and average time spent in a store


SensorInsight’s Integrated People Counting solution can also be harnessed to optimize public transportation management. Monitoring the number of people getting on and off public buses and trains daily can help transit authorities verify passenger payment and make smart decisions about train/bus frequency and scheduling. Transit authorities can improve patron and worker safety by scheduling maintenance and construction based on passenger usage patterns.  


SensorInsight’s custom mobile application can be designed to interact with users and provide event details, directions, or other interactive content, provide a cutting-edge user experience design for web/mobile/touch and digital signage solutions.
Imagine being able to measure the number of people and cars present at any given time, allowing for the study of vehicle and pedestrian traffic congestion, movement, and behavior. Gain business intelligence, increase potential revenue, and increase public safety through people measurements in public areas.

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