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PlanIT Impact

PlanIT Impact is an interactive web application enabling data-driven green design.
Our solution makes it easy and affordable to better understand how design decisions, in the earliest phases, can make a major impact on resources and costs- in real time for your clients.

Why others like you are taking a look at PlanIT Impact:
1-      Simple- Our platform helps building professionals visualize project impacts, translated into cost savings and potential revenue for their clients.
2-      Holistic Approach- We model energy use, water use, stormwater and transportation connectivity, allowing your firm to show the broader impact of a building design to your clients.
3-      On-Demand- Our web-based application connects to many national databases, providing instant feedback on resource use and the potential dollars associated with choices you and your clients make.
4-      New or retrofit- Whether on existing projects, or when gauging potential performance for new construction, we can help!

We’d certainly like to connect with you to learn more about your business approach and see where we can help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions.
PlanIT Impact is a smart modeling platform to help building professionals better understand and improve performance, so owners, investors, and communities can better visualize project impacts and return on investment.

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