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Portable Power

V5 Portable Power enables customers to power 3rd party products independent of the power grid.
Rapid 'green' power, deployed in minutes.
Perpetual power built on a combination of V5 Proprietary bullet-resistant Solar Panels, battery subsystems, and enterprise-class Power Management.
Extends operational time of any V5 portable product without input from V5 Solar Panels.
Rated IP67
Compact form, weighing less than 25 pounds.
Can be mounted on any outside structure within 30 minutes or less.
V5 Portable Power delivers 4 voltages [generally one is chosen] to power 3rd party products outdoors that work within the V5 power budget. Approximately 4 hours/day of average sunlight enable V5 Portable Power Technology to deliver perpetual power outdoors, independent of the power grid. V5 Portable Power supports inline power, operating as a battery backup system when inline power goes out.

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