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QLess Government Queue Management Solution

Interactive and Mobile SaaS Web and Cloud-Based Queue Management and Appointment Scheduling Solution
Standing in line at government offices may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean anyone enjoys it – not the citizens who need services, nor the government employees who serve them. 

In fact, the #1 citizen complaint when accessing these services is how long they have to wait in line to conduct their business. One of the best ways to improve this key metric for quality of service and also improve the productivity of government employees is to reduce those wait times to the minimum possible. 

QLess delivers a technology solution that allows citizens to spend less time in line, completing their business quickly and efficiently. Citizens enter virtual queues from on-site kiosks, by computer, or from any mobile phone. They are notified via text message as their turn approaches. Therefore, government employees spend less time managing traffic and listening to complaints while gaining valuable data & analytics through the solution.
A Cloud Queue Management and Scheduling Solution that is 100% web-based and supported by all standard browsers. We have no proprietary hardware or downloads required; we are truly hardware agnostic. We provide seamless software updates that occur with zero impact on your staff and are supported by our AWS.

We offer mobile and remote queuing through omni-channel entry which includes joining a virtual queue (or schedule an appointment) via your website, their mobile phone, or at an on-site kiosk. Timely, forecasted updates alert citizens as they move to the front of the queue allowing them to wait in places other than your lobby. The citizen is able to interact bi-directionally with the solution and do so through SMS Text and our Mobile Apps.

Along with the Kiosk & Monitor solution we provide the Queue Manager, Live Dashboard and Reporting which gives a rich environment and customizable experience for both citizen and staff alike. See the attached pdf for additional features and insights.

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