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Real-Time Water Distribution Monitoring & Insights

Monitor chlorine residuals, pH, turbidity, and pump operations in real-time.
Varuna provides Insights & Analytics in a simple intuitive format that aids operational and financial decision-making. Gain a real-time view of water quality and pump operations data in a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Using the Varuna Autonomous Quality System (AQS), we capture data from the ‘blind spots’, enabling you to understand: 

1. CL2 (Free or Total)
2. Turbidity
3. pH
4.Pump operations

Varuna Dashboard provides Insights & Analytics in a simple intuitive format that aids operational and financial decision-making. The dashboard data consists of water quality and pump operations data originating from Varuna's AQS and Smart Nodes that are easily deployed throughout the distribution system. Our dashboard also includes other data sources that allow us to perform predictions and modeling.

Varuna Autonomous Quality System (AQS) uses Amperometric Titration (EPA approved method) to capture the sample data at sites without power or connectivity. 

Varuna Smart Node (VSN) is an IOT receiver device designed to collect data from a vast range of industrial sensors common in water system monitoring. The Node captures data through Modbus or 4-20mA sensors.
Smart Node specs: https://hubs.ly/H0r9T0-0

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