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CityBase Pay: Revenue Management

Seamless Research, Reporting, and Reconciliation
The Revenue Management Dashboard, part of the CityBase Pay product suite, gives you a solution to manage secure payments online and in-person.

See Payment Trends
Use CityBase as your payment processor to unlock better revenue reporting tools for staff and management. See all payments in one place, with granular dashboards and reporting that allow you to spot trends between web and in-person channels, tender types, and more. Search for a specific transaction to support customers from the same tool, with the ability to void or refund payments, or reissue receipts.

Data in Real Time
Direct integration to your database means your source system is updated in real-time with every payment. Find transactions using any information your customer has, then take action from the same tool.
  • Manage payments collected through kiosk, web, and cashier point of sale
  • Research chargebacks and ACH returns linked to their original payment
  • Search by: transaction ID, amount, date, card/bank last 4, or cardholder name
  • Filter by: agency/department, status, channel (kiosk, web, cashier), or payment method (cash, check, card)
  • Issue voids and refunds
  • Self-manage user roles and permissions

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