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Route4U Smart Accessibility

Get the full accessibility map of sidewalks. Provide info on alternatives to wheelchair users. Be efficient with infrastructure projects.

Up to date, relevant information

Although in recent years infrastructure investments have improved the accessibility, its communication is typically emphasizing the problems. However, there is a method to communicate the results instead, while providing the maximum possible assistance for the disabled community. The web and mobile app map of Route4U shows not only the accessible POIs, but also the accessible routes (sidewalks and crossings) to them. Furthermore, its innovative technology makes it possible to keep the accessibility map constantly up to date.

Appropriate infrastructure

By the means of virtual routes planning on the surveyed network and by analyzing the data uploaded by the users, it is possible to determine those infrastructural development options that would be of the highest positive impact regarding the overall network. So, municipalities can clearly see where to spend their limited capital sources to result in the highest satisfaction of citizens.
Route4U provides accessibility maps and navigation for pedestrians with limited mobility (wheelchair users, pram users, elderly people, etc), providing information on the accessibility of sidewalks, crossings and POIs. Route4U's smart accessibility solution includes information for people with limited mobility on available alternatives, and a decision support tool to plan efficient infrastructural project.

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