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RUBICONSmartCity helps cities run waste and recycling operations more efficiently and turns garbage trucks into mobile data sensing assets.
RUBICONSmartCity helps city governments run waste and recycling operations faster, smarter, and more effectively.

Through Rubicon’s patented technology, our smartphone app tracks metrics such as vehicle location, route completion and service confirmations in real-time. It empowers drivers to relay issues as they happen and document important information like weight tickets, blocked bins, or contaminated recycling. The technology also provides navigation, route information, transit time estimates, truck fault codes and driving information. All of this information is fed directly back to a secure website for supervisors to evaluate and assess issues in real time.

Rubicon’s technology currently powers waste and recycling data collection for more than 20 cities, including Atlanta, Santa Fe, and Columbus, GA. In just one of these cities, we have identified potential savings of over $700,000 annually.

Rubicon is offering our technology for free to partners for a pilot.
Software Functionality: App and Manager Portal
-Service Confirmations (for all truck types, with exact time and location, without human interaction)
-Vehicle Tracking (Automatic Vehicle Location [AVL])
-Navigation (turn-by-turn directions to specific points, disposal facilities, and a return to route)
-Driver Information (hours, miles driven)
-Vehicle Information, Safety and Maintenance (including speeding and hard driving)
-Real Time Route ManagementRecycling Contamination Characterization Integration (RFID, CRM [311], Cameras)
-Waste Collection Route Issue / Incident Identification (including taking pictures, flagging locations, dispatcher alerts, etc.)
-Urban Data Collection (including air quality sensing, noise pollution monitoring, pot-hole detection, graffiti hot-spotting, vacant home cataloging, etc.)
-Multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and German

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