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ServiceONE - Infrastructure and service management

ServiceONE® is the Smart tool created by SII Concatel for the management of infrastructure and services that are provided therein.
ServiceONE® is the perfect tool for the right Service and Infrastructure Management in any area of Public Administration.

The responsibility related to the management of common resources and the reliability required in the provision of services that directly affect the quality of citizens, get a response in the set of features provided by ServiceONE® for the comprehensive control of all the elements involved in Public Administration infrastructure and services:
Because each infrastructure requires its own solution, we perform a consultancy process before the tool implementation that allows us to analyze the situation, define the actions to be performed and the final stage design. And so that ServiceONE® suits more if possible to the needs of your business regardless of the sector to which it belongs, we offer different types of contracting service: License and SaaS (software as a service).

We help you optimizing the infrastructures and services of your company to ensure they are always available to the user.
ServiceONE® is our smart solution focused on processes that enables the integration of all agents that cover the management of infrastructure and services. It is designed to engage with the market leading software solutions (ERP, databases, GIS, CAD, etc.) and integrating intelligent elements of the infrastructure into a single dashboard under the concept of service management based on their effectiveness and efficiency.

ServiceONE® provides capabilities that have been defined by Gartner as mandatory in the choice of a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) tool, such as the integration capacity; standard programming language, and 100% web accessibility. It also offers a mobility solution compatible with the main platforms (iOS and Android) and devices in the market.

  • 100% Web, without installing any software on the workplace.
  • Open and standard platform thanks to its SOA systems architecture (Service Oriented Architecture).
  • Mobility compliant with market standard operating systems like iOS or Android.
  • Scalable (additional and complementary modules) and parameterizable (programming not needed) solution.
  • Can be integrated with other solutions like ERP, GIS, CAD, measure equipment, etc...
  • Unique database based on market standards like ORACLE or MySQL.

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